VP Juldeh canvasses for SLPP in Freetown East


By Ishmael Dumbuya

Vice President Juldeh Jalloh has used his campaign message at the Black Hall Road Community to state that the SLPP government in the last five years delivered massively on education, health facility, school busses, airport and roads for the people of Sierra Leone. He made the above assertion statement at the Radio Democracy Program

Delivering his campaign message to the people of Kissy, VP Juldeh explained that the president has done extremely well in terms of development over the past five years. 

“Education has been completed, school buses everywhere, airport shining, and the roads are in perfect conditions,” he emphasized.

Going forward, he urged the crowd to vote President Bio in the June 24th Elections, noting that the president will have no choice but to deliver and work for the people of Sierra Leone.

He concluded that the time has come for the people of Freetown to vote for a mayor that knows what’s happening in the streets, the markets, the wharfs, the municipal schools, and by extension, a mayor that knows the needs of Freetown residents, noting that the person is no lesser person but Mohamed Gento Kamara.

Sierra Leone is bracing up for its forthcoming elections in June 24th this year, and political parties are hell-bent on massive campaigns strategies to convince the people of this country that they can address and meet the needs of Sierra Leoneans if they are voted.


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