At Waterloo: Traders bemoan rise in the prices of food commodities


By Elizabeth Kamara

Traders at the Waterloo Tombo Market have in an interview with this medium explained that they are becoming very worried about the recent hike in the prices of food commodities.

Manjula Turay, a trader that deals in assorted food items, stated that the living expenses and cost of food in the country have sky-rocketed and made it very difficult for the average Sierra Leonean to survive, adding that Sierra Leoneans have become very frustrated as a result.

She further stated that the government of President Bio promised to control the inflation rate in the country when he was campaigning, but that they are witnessing the complete opposite.

“We thought that this government could have been able to solve the economic challenges as promised, but the rise in the price of food stuffs have exposed the ordinary Sierra Leonean to extreme hardship,” she indicated.

A petty trader, Mariama Kamara, stated that Sierra Leoneans are sailing through the worst administration. She explained that a bag of rice that cost minimal during the reign of the previous government has drastically increased leaving the ordinary Sierra Leonean to go without food and causing tremendous hunger.

Mamud Barrie, a trader that sells bread explained that previously they used to purchase a bag of flour around 600,000 thousand Leones now sells at over 800,000 Leones. He mentioned that the economic challenges have become so burdensome that people can’t endure any longer.

The economic hardship and inflation in the country recently have got Sierra Leoneans muttering and doubting the system, with one trader stating that they are sure to vote precisely in the upcoming elections.


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