UNOPS Regional Director for Africa inspects solar project in Moyamba

        UNOPS Regional Director speaking with staff at the site

The Regional Director for Africa at the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), Ms. Dalila Goncalves and the Director for the UNOPS Ghana Multi-Country Office, Ms. Ifeoma Charles-Monwuba have on Wednesday 26th June 2024 inspected the ongoing construction of the 1-MegaWatts Solar Energy Power Plant in Moyamba District, implemented by UNOPS on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone, funded by the World Bank.

Ms. Gonclave interacted with female workers that are  trained in pole mounting, installing solar panels and electrical works. Over forty female staff were employed by the UNOPS contractors, demonstrating gender inclusion in infrastructure.

Ms. Gonçalves concluded her visit by engaging with staff and thanked them for delivering results with partners in the construction of the solar renewable energy system.

Rashid Israel Bangura, UNOPS Electrical Engineer shed lights on the sustainability and contributions of the 1- megawatt solar panels to the energy sector of Sierra Leone. He added that the 1- megawatt solar panels will help compliment the efforts of the government to provide electricity in the rural areas.

According to the engineer, the project aims to increase energy access in Sierra Leone by electrification through mini-grids targeting communities with productive use potential and stand-alone solar systems aimed at electrifying schools and hospitals across the country.

Francess Bangura, worker at the solar installation emphasized that through the project, they have been able to learn a lot with regard electricity, urging UNOPS to reconsider them whenever such project surfaces.

A total of 2.8 MW of solar power system capacity (Moyamba: 0.945 Mw; other 9 mini-grids: 0.5 Mw; 500 schools: 1Mw; 200 health facilities: 0.4 Mw) is expected to be installed and it is expected to benefit about 3,000 households and 350 industrial and commercial businesses, 200 health facilities and 500 schools which are not going to be electrified through grid extension in the next five years. Libraries of about 50 selected schools will be provided with solar lanterns.

Ms. Gonçalves and Ms. Charles-Monwuba are on official visit to Sierra Leone from 24 to 26 June 2024. The visit aim to explore and leverage how UNOPS can further support the Government of Sierra Leone to achieve national development priorities; As an implementing agency of the United Nations, UNOPS continues to support the achievement of the SDGs – working with partners to help build and strengthen the capacity of Government institutions through infrastructure, procurement and project implementation, to attain human capital development across the country.  The visit also includes strategic discussions with key Government Ministers, the UN family and development partners in Sierra Leone.

UNOPS currently supports the Government of Sierra Leone in implementing a range of renewable energy, water management and governance projects. UNOPS also provides procurement services for health, transport and logistics to different ministries in Sierra Leone.

UNOPS Work focuses on improving healthcare, supporting rural renewable energy initiatives and providing support in procurement and sustainable infrastructure.


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