Pelumi Nubi shares her experiences with Africell-SL


Sierra Leone’s leading mobile network operator, Africell Sierra Leone (Africell-SL), hosted a “Meet and Greet with Pelumi Nubi” on Monday, July 1, 2024, at the Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel in Aberdeen, Freetown.

Pelumi Nubi, a 29-year-old Nigerian based in the United Kingdom, traveled solo from London to Lagos over two and a half months. She thanked Africell-SL for providing a platform to share her experience of the 74-day journey, which she undertook due to her passion for adventure.

“When I told my friends about the journey, they said I was insane,” she recounted.

Nubi embarked on the trip alone, without a cameraman or a second driver. Her car was equipped with food, a mini gas cooker, a bed, a camera, and a mini water tank, in preparation for passing through the Sahara Desert.

“It wasn’t easy, but I had made up my mind and was determined to fulfill it,” she said.

She mentioned that Mauritania was the only country where she boarded a train to experience Africa’s longest train ride.

Nubi faced several challenges during her trip, particularly at African borders. Despite holding both ECOWAS and Nigerian passports, she encountered difficulties crossing the border in Liberia. In Ivory Coast, she was involved in a car crash due to poor street lighting and signage, which caused her to drive into a parked heavy-duty truck. Local residents quickly called for an ambulance, and she was taken to a hospital.

“The police asked me to press charges against the truck driver, but I refused. I only wanted my car fixed within five days,” she explained.

In Morocco, she faced sexual harassment when a hotel staff member attempted to open her door while she was bathing.

Nubi disclosed that genetic testing showed she is 99.1% Nigerian and 0.99% Sierra Leonean, which she said explains her deep emotional connection to Sierra Leone. She expressed her desire to collaborate with Africell Sierra Leone in community and tourism development projects, areas she is very passionate about.

Kamanda Koroma, Head of Digital Marketing at Africell, thanked Pelumi Nubi for visiting Sierra Leone. He emphasized that community development is Africell’s top priority, highlighting their involvement in sports, fashion, and various community initiatives.

The event concluded with a gift presentation to Pelumi Nubi and a question-and-answer session.


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