ACC faults SLCB Managing Director over vehicle procurement


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has concluded its investigation into the procurement process for a vehicle for the Managing Director of Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB) and other operational vehicles, amounting to over one million US dollars (USD 1,000,000). And The ACC confirmed the process was flawed.

A reliable source within the ACC revealed that the payment made by SLCB to AL Kuwait Motors for the Managing Director’s official vehicle totaled US$140,000, including shipment and customs. This amount exceeded the Board of Directors’ approved budget by US$90,000.

After assuming office in February 2022, Managing Director Yusuf Abdul Silla requested a new vehicle. The Board approved the purchase of a Toyota Landcruiser for him, replacing his previous vehicle. However, the ACC discovered that the approved sum of one billion, one hundred and sixty-two million, three thousand old Leones was not adhered to. Silla, who also serves as the Vote Comptroller and Chairman of the Procurement Committee, did not seek further approval from the Board.

The investigation revealed that the local contractor, Salman Motors, referred SLCB to AL Kuwait Motors in Dubai after stating he could not provide the desired vehicle. Payment was then made directly to AL Kuwait Motors, bypassing standard procurement procedures.

“There was no tender process for the Managing Director’s official vehicle, which compromised the competitiveness and transparency of the procurement,” noted the ACC source.

The ACC has recommended that the SLCB Board take administrative action against Yusuf Abdul Silla to prevent future misconduct.

The Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, the country’s largest government-owned bank, faces the challenge of regaining public trust following this incident and recent scrutiny by the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament over various administrative and professional issues.


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