NEC approves & adopts SLPPNA by-laws


In a just concluded National Executive Council meeting (NEC), which is the law making organ and the second highest decision  making body of the Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP), had on Friday the 25th of March 2023 in Kambai Town, graciously, boisterously and euphorically approved and adopted the Sierra Leone People’s Party North America Region (SLPPNA) by-laws.

The by-laws were presented to the Council by the incomparable Chairman of the Sierra Leone People’s Party North America Desmond Pessima,  in the Presence of the National Leader of the Party President Julius Maada Bio, the Deputy Leader Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, the National Chairman Dr. Alex Prince Harding, the National Secretary General Umaru Napoleon Koroma,  among host of other party Stewards.

The Chairperson of the Washington Metro Chapter Chairperson Fatmata Wurrie, the Regional Organizing Secretary Mohamed T. Fofanah who helped to organize the Kambia women to converge at the premise of the NEC meeting, and the First Lady to the Chairman Mrs. Racheal Pessima, were among the delegation from the United States to Freetown to grace the occasion. Active involvement of the Washington DC Metro Chapter under the auspices of the astute Chairperson, Mrs. Fatmata Wurrie in drafting and ratifying the by-laws, equally warrants indelible commendation.      

Just as presented by the Chairman Desmond Pessima, the SLPPNA by-laws were  drafted by SLPPNA By-Laws Committee Chaired by Mrs. Elizabeth Momoh, and ratified by SLPPNA Delegates during the just concluded SLPPNA Regional Delegates  Conference held on the 10th-11th March hosted by the Delaware Chapter. The By-Laws were ratified in tandem with appreciable democratic doctrine and passed with adequate consultations, inclusivity    and notifications of all members.

It is obvious that the SLPPNA’s by-laws met the democratic threshold of the party’s  National Constitution which precipitated unanimous and holistic adoption and approval by the National Executive Council in Kambia. The National Chairman Dr. Alex Prince Harding, sloshed praises on the SLPPNA Chairman Desmond Pessima for exhibiting good leadership in the part of the region.

The NEC Meeting was climaxed with   nominations and approvals  of committee chairpersons  to man the affairs of the June 24th   elections. Dr. Alex Prince Harding was nominated by Manso Dumbuya to serve as the Elections Campaign Chairman for the coming June 24th General elections, which was largely endorsed by the council.

Chairman Desmond Pessima nominated Chief Minister Hon. Jacob Jusu Saffa as the chairman of the Manifesto committee which was unanimously endorsed by the council.  Mohamed Rado Swarray was endorsed as the committee chairman for the communication and Public Relations Committee for the campaign.  Members of that campaign communications committee are the Hon. Minister of Tourism Dr. Memunatu Pratt, Hon. Tawa Conteh member of parliament constituency 132, among others.

 Her Excellency Dr. Fatima Bio was equally endorsed as  the Chairperson of the Fundraising committee;  Mr. Alhaji Kallon was endorsed as  the chairman of the welfare committee of which  Babadi Kamara and  Emma Kowa are members of that committee. Dr. Kapowa is the chairman of the Elections Management Committee; and John Oponjo Benjamin was endorsed as  the Chairman of the Peace and reconciliation committee of which  Hon. Veronica Kadie Sesay of Constituency 094  is a member. The occasion also  peaked with   a declaration ceremony wherein, colossal supporters of the  All People’s Congress Party (APC) and the National Ground Coalition Party (NGC), declared their supports for the SLPP and also made undying commitment to be part of President Bio’s re-election movement.    


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