Bribery and extortion are impermissible in the direct cash transfer – ACC cautions


The Regional Manager of the Anti-Corruption Commission in the North-West Region, Madam Fatu Florence Kamara has told beneficiaries of the Social Safety Net (SSN) programme in Kamakwie town that bribery and other forms of extortion are impermissible in the direct financial support provided under the SSN project implemented across the country. She made this statement during payment of financial support to extremely poor households and persons with disabilities in Karene District.

Addressing beneficiaries, she stated that transparency is crucial to engendering trust and also a vital component to mobilize and sustain financing and support from government and its development partners. As the leading agency in combatting graft, she noted that the ACC is committed to enhancing best practices in tackling petty bribes and and grand corruption schemes that have the propensity to reduce the effectiveness of donor aid for poverty alleviation programmes and initiatives. The Regional Manager pointed out that the commission’s involvement in the process includes a rigorous scrutiny of corruption risks from the targeting phase to the payment stage so as to ensure the project meets its intended purposes.

Whilst noting the commission’s strides to monitoring and mitigating corruption incidences on the direct financial support provided to the poor, she registered a strong warning to anyone involved in any form of corruption to desist forthwith or face the full force of the ACC. She also explained the benefits of the SSN Programme and make meaningful use of monies paid to them.

The District Monitor for Karene District Edward Kargbo informed beneficiaries on the amount to be paid and to ensure they count monies paid to them before leaving the pay centre. Mr Kargbo also highlighted some grievance reporting mechanisms available at the ACC.


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