Leone Afric Metals provides salary for 120 teachers in Ngowahun Chiefdom, donates 500 bags of rice

Leone Afric Metals rep.Fassally Tarawallie and PC Kpanga exchanging notes

The Lithium Leone Afric Metals Mining Company has on Sunday 26th March, provided salary for one hundred and twenty teachers and donated five hundred bags of rice to every household in Ngowahun Chiefdom, Bombali District.

The donation brought teachers and residents from Lawgbaray village, Mansongbo, Makaytay, Tambiama, Mayata and other villages in the chiefdom.

According to the country representative of Leone Afric Metals,Fassally Tarawallie, such humanitarian gesture was done due to the company’s promises made to the chiefdom heads that Leone Afric Metal Company will provide salary for teachers who are not on government payroll within the chiefdom.

“These teachers are doing exceptionally well to raise future leaders in the country and as a company that believes in education and mining developments, we are here today to boost the confidence of these teachers by giving them salary for one year. This will enable them to be effective and efficient in the classrooms,” Fassally stated.”

Speaking to beneficiaries and residents present, the Chief Executive Officer of Leone Afric Metals Mining Company, CEO Zong said that the company is there to stay and help develop the country through mining.

He added that they will build two schools within Ngowahun Chiefdom – one will be for those interested in learning Chinese language and the other school will be built for those who want to learn the normal school system in Sierra Leone. He added that as a company, they will continue to bring development and job opportunities for the residents in the chiefdom.

Speaking on behalf of Ngowahun Chiefdom, Paramount Chief Kandeh Kpanga 111, thanked and appreciated the empowerment of the 120 teachers who are working tirelessly to raise generational leaders through education.

 “As a chiefdom, we will continue to welcome every development brought by  Leone Afric Metal company for they are in our chiefdom to make our lives better,” Paramount Chief Kandeh Kpanga 111 said.

One of the beneficiaries is a primary school agriculture teacher Mamusu Kargbo who appreciated the humanitarian gesture by Leone Metal Company. “I have been a teacher for over five years without getting any salary. Today, I am overwhelmed because my effort has been recognized,” she said.” She called on the company to continue with such financial aid.

One of the company’s activities is to extract lithium in Bombali district. Lithium is widely used in batteries as a heater in a few mediums and as well as a component in various metal alloys. It is also used in the treatment of bipolar disorder, depression, and other mental health conditions due to its mood-stabilizing properties.


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