Hon. Hindolo Sandy: SLPP MP launches house-to-house campaign

Hon. Hon. Tennison Hindolo Sandy, wife and supporters at the launching of the campaign

By Alfred Koroma

Former Member of Parliament, Hon. Tennison Hindolo Sandy, representing Constituency 120 has during the weekend launched a house-to-house campaign to re-elect the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party Government.

The former Member of Parliament is seeking to return to return to the legislative House after serving a first five-year term. Launching the campaign on Saturday 27th May, Hon. Sandy said he was launching the house-to-house campaign to respectfully meet his constituents in their homes, show gratitude and tell them why they should reelect President Bio and the entire Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).

“My message is simple and clear: I’m campaigning to show the need to reelect President Bio for a second term; the reason I should return to parliament and why Mohamed Gento Kamara should be elected Mayor of the Freetown City Council,” he told the crowd in Moyiba Community.

“We removed the criminal libel law, the death penalty and gave women 30 percent quota, and we recently opened a new ultramodern airport.”

Crowds of supporters of the SLPP and several community stakeholders in Constituency 120, including councilors and aspiring councilors graced the MP’s launching of the house-to-house campaign on during the weekend.

“We have voted for APC in Moyiba community but we have not seen the benefits. Hon. Hindolo’s few years as MP has touched many lives in this community,” says Councilor Aruna White Koroma of 419. He highlighted President Bio’s achievements, saying launching the house-to-house campaign is the right step to defeat their opponents.  

You have plenty things to talk to people about president Bio’s government in this election, says Musa Tamba, representative from the SLPP Young Generation leaders. Let us avoid violence, he advised, enlightening the people on how to vote under the new electoral system.


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