Bench warrant for kidnapping accused


By Mohamed J Kargbo

Prince Oscar, Emeka Ouigbo and 5 others made another appearance before Magistrate Mark Ngeba of Court No:1 at Pademba Road in Freetown for alleged kidnapping.

The accused persons were standing trial on five count charges to wit conspiracy, causing grievous bodily harm, larceny from person, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and kidnapping contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

Police alleged that on a date between 11th December 2022 and 16th December 2022 at No:26 Doherty Street, Murry Town in Freetown, Prince Oscar and Emeka Ouigbo conspired with Sahr Kamara, Fuad Thoronkah, Mohamed Turay, Yemah Samura and Ferdinand Oyeoziri  to kidnap Austine Chukwik Nwuso. 

It was also alleged that on the above same date and address, Emeka Ouigbo and Prince Oscar caused grievous bodily harm to Nwuso Austine Chukwik with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm.

It was alleged that all the accused on along Lumley Beach Road  on the same date, stole from Onyeka Umeji  the sum of one thousand two hundred United States Dollars(1,200).

Police alleged that the first and second accused persons on Friday December 2022 at the above place assaulted Austine Chukwiek Nwusu in a manner by  causing him actual bodily harm.

It was alleged that on a diverse date between 11th December and 16th December 2022 at the above address in Freetown, Prince Oscar and Emeka Ouigbo unlawfully  carried away Austine Chukwik Nwuso against his will.

The state counsel Yusif I Sesay said that they can’t make progress without the second accused, who was absent in court, so he had to apply for bench warrant for the 2nd accused.

The Magistrate granted  the bench warrant for the second accused to be brought in court on the next adjourned date, the matter was adjourned to the 15th June 2023 for further hearings.


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