APC running mate: Chericoco emerges popular choice

Perfect combination

The race for the All People’s Congress APC running mate to the presidential front runner, Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara is nothing to be worried about. The would-be standard bearer has already spotted his choice of deputy president.

As a strong and political entity with sound records of transformative governance over the years and in the recent past, the APC is fully equipped with the requisite human resources capacity for whichever job, especially the running mate placement. And the party has already earmarked its most qualified candidate, with vast administration and leadership experience to fill the vacant seat and deliver very well on the job, under the professional supervision of Dr Samura Kamara as president in the next few months.

So, questions and concerns about who comes after the indefatigable Dr Samura Kamara as his running mate is certainly the man himself, Hon Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah, the most competent APC politician well familiar with state governance leadership amongst the rest of mankind. He has served in several leadership capacities with proven records as a clean slate. He has suffered with and for the APC. And don’t even ask if it is not Chericoco who else? For it is certainly going to be him by the grace of the Almighty Allah/God. As a strong Muslim, he is well positioned to serve the APC as its running mate to the Christian presidential candidacy of Dr Samura Kamara.   

Hon Bah is the APC Leader in the House of Parliament and Leader of the Opposition in the House. He is a devoted Muslim with hundreds of Christian friends which adds to what it takes him to serve in the Vice Presidency position to Dr Samura Kamara in June polls. He brought along with him massive endorsements of APC parliamentarians of Dr Samura Kamara, not to talk of delegates from other constituencies of the party.  

Popularly known as Chericoco, Hon Bah has proven his leadership competence with impressive records spanning from the rime his served as a Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament, coupled with his three terms effective roles to constituents in Freetown and beyond. He is known everywhere in the country for his humility and interacts with people at all levels compared to his rival vice president Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, a mere surrogate to co-resident Fatima Bio and State House Chief Minister, Jacob Jusu Saffa. Hon Bah’s modesty as a servant leader continues to mobilize massive support for the APC and Dr Samura Kamara. That is also waiting be fully demonstrated soonest at the polls June.

Chericoco does not discriminate amongst people based on tribe, region, political and religious believes, not because he schooled at the Roman Catholic Mission’s Saint Edwards Secondary in Freetown, but his tolerant continues to earn him both Christian and Muslim friends including his very Fullah community heavyweights across Sierra Leone and beyond.

Hon Bah, a popular grassroots leader with large following served as the running mate to APC 2018 party flag bearer Dr Samura Kamara, for which he also proved well with massive support and votes for APC, though the outcome of that polls was not in favour of the APC.

Since then, as the leader of the Opposition and that of the APC in the House, Hon Bah has always consolidate his firm hold on the party’s stance in coming through dozens of political struggles in the hands of the SLPP and Bio’s five years dictatorial rule. He moves along with the support of his MPs in whatever they have been doing has always been in the best interests of the party. Thus, APC MPs have unanimously endorsed Hon Chericoco for the vice-presidential candidacy with believe that he is the only competent politician that can be best placed for such job.   

In Freetown, across the western region and beyond Chericoco is certainly a household name, well known among all and sundry for his down to earth social and philanthropic moves in touching lives of individuals and communities. Communities in the far north, east south and in the west area rural and urban are among geopolitical spaces where Hon Bah always command large support bases for the APC and have proved to the party that he is indeed the people’s choice of leader Sierra Leoneans are yearning for to work with Dr Samura Kamara as his vice president come June and thereafter.

With all these leadership values and human touch values in his personality, if it is not Chericco for the APC running mate to Dr Samura Kamara, who else has the APC party got to fill that space? Hon Chericoco is therefore the people’s choice for the job awaiting.


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