Sexual Penetration: Stepfather gets 15 years imprisonment


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Justice Mamie at the Sexual Model Offences Court No.7 in Freetown has sentenced Philip Mamie to 15 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of sexual penetration offenses.

According to the judge, the state alleged that the accused,Philip Mamie on the 6th August, 2019, in Freetown in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone, engaged in an act of sexual penetration with a child.

Upon arraignment, the accused pleaded not guilty to the offense. The State in proving its case against the accused person, called in four witnesses.

The victim testified that the accused is her stepfather and that on the date in question, her mother went out to buy goods and that she was with the accused at home, the accused used that opportunity and lured her into his room, removed her pant and forcefully inserted his penis into her mouth and into her vagina.

The victim said that the accused also penetrated her when her mother was asleep and did so severally even in a chair in their house, adding that blood was oozing from her vagina and she felt pain all over her body.

The judge also stated that the victim in her testimony said she felt pain when the accused penetrated her, and that the accused would tell her to wash herself up whenever he does the act.

He said the mother of the victim confronted the accused person about the allegation but that the accused denied.

Investigating officer testified that the matter was reported at the approved police station where the accused used threatening and abusive languages at the victim’s mother and the victim.

 He said with such remarks made, action was taken to protect the victim, and the victim was in care at the Don Bosco home.

The investigating officer informed the court that the accused tried to escape in the Holden facility at the approved police station and that due to that action he was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Department headquarters in Freetown for investigations.

In her  testimony ,Doctor Olabisi Cladius Cole said  the victim had a ruptured hymen with breaks at 2’0clock and 9’0clock, offensive water, vaginal discharge and redness, adding that the victim developed an infection due to the forced penetration.

Additional witness was called and testified that the accused threatened to kill the victim.

He said the accused relied on his statement made to the police when he was put to an election.

He said the accused was found guilty by the judge.


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