Africaribbean festival promoters introduce soca hour on AfriRadio 105.3FM


By Mohamed Jalloh

In collaboration with AfriRadio, Africaribbean Festival, and Eminence Africa are introducing SOCA HOUR live on Afri Radio 105.3 FM in Freetown every 1st and last Saturday of every month.

For the sake of fans of the Africarribbean festival and lovers of SOCA music, DJ Tunji 232 who is in charge of the mixing chamber has already begun hitting the air waves, effecting on 16th September 2023.

It should be noted that people are now opportune to listen to SOCA vibes with DJ Tunji 232 and other international SOCA DJ`s in the near future on AfriRadio 105.3 FM.

According to Danna Labor, co-founder of the Africaribbean festival, the selection of a SOCA hour is deliberate, noting further that it is a way of promoting the Africaribbean festival and to bring the Caribbean culture closer to Sierra Leoneans and Africans at large.

“We won`t introduce an Afrobeat or Reggae hour because

these genres are already big in Sierra Leone, we choose SOCA Hour because it is a genre that is not popular in Sierra Leone”,Mr Labor pointed out.

The maiden Africaribbean festival happened on December 2002, however, the organisers of the event are geared to replicating the same this year and possibly every other year in the future. The AfriCaribbean Festival is known for its colorful and captivating showcases of music, dance, art, cuisine, and traditions, that will kick off on December 28, 2023, and run until January 02, 2024, in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

It is important to note that the AfriCaribbean Festival is also a celebration of African and Caribbean cultures, aimed at fostering cross-cultural exchange, understanding, and appreciation. The festival showcases a diverse array of music, dance, art, cuisine, and traditions from the African and Caribbean diaspora, uniting communities and promoting diversity. The AfriCaribbean Festival therefore, invites everyone to join in the festivities and experience the unique blend of African and Caribbean cultures.


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