Cyber bullying: Euro 100,000 bail granted to accused   


Magistrate Mark Neagba has granted bail in the sum of 100,000 Euros to 22-year-old Safiatu Sesay, who is based in Holland and before the court on three counts of cyber related offences, after she was alleged to have sent false messages to one Major Amadu Ahmed Kargbo.

According to the information before the court, the accused person, in Freetown, between the 4th of June and 3rd August, 2023, did send grossly offensive messages through social media via Facebook with account name ‘Sia Rose’ to Major Amadu Ahmed Kargbo.

The accused is answering to one count charge of cyber bullying contrary to Section 44 (2) (b) of the Cyber Crime Act 2021.

Testifying in court, Detective Inspector, Mohamed Jusu, attached to the Criminal Investigations Department headquarters as cybercrime investigator, recalled on 21st August, when a flash drive was handed over to him for transcription and analysss.

He said upon receiving the drive in respect of the matter before the court, he was able to listen to a thirty minute voice recording.

 He said he also copied a screenshot picture which was also handed over to him for inspection.

Defence lawyer, Elwis Enoh applied for bail and Magistrate Mark Ngeba granted it.

The matter was adjourned to the 25th September, 2023.


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