37 arrested at Waterloo for public order offenses


By Ishmael Dumbuya

According to the Head of Media and Communications at the Waterloo Police Division, ASP Allieu Jalloh, thirty-seven residents of Tombo Junction, Kaka Po, and 55 at the Waterloo community have been arrested and charged to court over various public order  offenses.

ASP Jalloh explained that the suspects comprised two women, and 35 men of the different locations mentioned earlier were arrested during a discreet operations led by the LUC of the Division, CSP Ibrahim M.Sama.

He went on to clarify that they have made their first appearance yesterday Monday the 14th August at the Magistrate Court of King Yard, Waterloo.

They are answering to two charges of being in found in a place used for the smoking of cannabis sativa and Kush, contrary to Section 49 (1) of the pharmacy and Drug Act, 2001, and idle and Disorderly Person contrary to Section 7 of the Public Order Act No. 46 of 1965.

Asp Jalloh concluded by urging residents in the Waterloo Community to be helping the police with combating crime and other illicit activities in the community.

He added that it is the role of residents in the community to restore the lost glory of Waterloo, by identifying drug and violent related areas.

Waterloo has recently become a hotspot for violence, theft and drug abuse. Youths at the Tombo junction can be seen sleeping and nodding as a result of the effect of Kush.


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