2023 Presidential elections: Both Bio and Samura confident of victory


President Maada Bio, on Tuesday, made a call for a peaceful election, marking the end of a tense campaign. Additionally, he expressed confidence in his victory at the polls, while addressing his supporters at Freetown’s Lumley Beach.

“I appeal to everybody: let us have peaceful elections. There should be no violence. On the day of the election, take your cards and go out to vote,” he stated.

Similarly, Samura urged his supporters to participate in the voting process on Saturday and called upon the electoral body to maintain neutrality, ensuring a free and credible process.

“I have full confidence in our victory because we have the majority. No matter what they do, we will prevail. We must exercise our right to vote and protect our votes responsibly. The strength of the APC lies within the ballot box… We are the winners of this election,” he asserted.


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