Voter turnout likely to be high


By Ishmael Dumbuya

Voter turnout is expected to be high in the upcoming elections, as observed by Concord Times reporters who have spread out across the country.

After enduring a challenging campaign period, the majority of eligible voters appear to have overcome any apathy and are enthusiastic about exercising their right to vote, eager for their voices to be heard.

In Kenema, local businessman Martin Nyuma expressed his anticipation, saying, “I can’t wait for the polls to open so that I can cast my vote for President Bio, who I believe will continue with the Free Quality Education and Human Capital Development agenda.”

In Makeni, fishmonger Jeneba Turay stated, “We have faced numerous economic challenges since President Bio was elected, and we are eager to replace him with Samura Kamara… he is the people’s choice.”

In Bo, residents are determined to re-elect President Bio, as they believe the country is progressing under his administration.

In Freetown, there is a mixture of sentiments among the residents, with most choosing not to disclose their preferred candidate.

However, they expressed concerns about the poor state of the economy and expressed a desire for the next administration to take immediate action in jump-starting the process of economic recovery.


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