2023 Presidential elections: Opinion Polls predict likely winner


In the 2018 presidential elections, Bio defeated Samura with 51.8% to 48.2% after a runoff.

SierraPoll projects Bio’s victory in the upcoming election on Saturday.

According to SierraPoll, out of a list of 13 aspiring candidates for Sierra Leone’s 2023 presidential elections, Bio is projected to receive 56% of all votes, followed by his main challenger, Samura, who is projected to receive 43% of the vote.

Bio’s poll result slightly exceeds the minimum 55% threshold required to avoid a presidential runoff.

However, the APC has called the poll a ‘sham’ and accused it of being sympathetic to the SLPP.

As for who will win the presidential election, only time will tell whether it will be Bio or Samura.


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