Vult: the new digital payment technology in Sierra Leone

Stakeholders from various sectors at the launching of Vult

By Alfred Koroma

Metro Cable SL limited has on Friday unveiled a new digital payment technology in Sierra Leone with a vision to streamline transactions and enhance financial inclusivity.

The new payment platform offers users a secure, instant, and user-friendly way to conduct transactions online and in-person through a secured visa or Vult Pay, Save, Go application which can be downloaded online.

Metro’s Vult product allows for local and international transaction with different currencies. The platform also links multiple bank accounts, add funds through mobile money or top up using any visa card.

“The launch of Vult marks a significant milestone for Sierra Leone’s financial landscape,” Vult Chief Operating Officer, Pierre Johnson said. “This innovative platform empowers users with secure and convenient financial tools, fostering financial inclusion and propelling economic growth within the country.”

Delivering an opening statement, the Group Chairman and CEO, Davar Fazaeli said their goal is to enable everyone manage how they spend their money and how they save it.    “This is all about empowerment of individuals and small businesses. It is all about inclusion.” 

Top government officials graced the launching of the product, including the Chief Minister, David Sengeh, Minister of Communication, Technology and Innovation, Salima Manorma Bah and the Parliamentary Committee Chairman on Communication and Technology who thanked Vult for it accomplishment aimed at promoting digital transaction and financial inclusion in the country.

“We aim and target to go cashless. And Vult has provided that opportunity, Salima Bah said.

 “We are excited to see a private sector answering the call of the government and coming on board. We are grateful and excited to see this, she added, expressing delight that the digital wallet launched on Friday is owned and developed by Sierra Leoneans.


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