PAC warns ACC to refrain from probing 2022 audit report


By Jariatu S Bangura

Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Hon. Tawa, has issued a stern warning to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to cease probing ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs) concerning the 2022 Audit Report queries.

Hon. Tawa emphasized that all MDAs are not obligated to explain audit queries to the ACC, as the commission should focus on other corruption cases within governance.

He highlighted that the constitution grants Parliament the exclusive mandate to investigate the queries published in the audit report, thereby making it a parliamentary document.

Hon. Tawa stated that MDAs submitting their supporting documentation for audit queries to the ACC should stop immediately. He noted that several MDAs appearing before the committee have confirmed that their documents are with the ACC.

“Tell the ACC that they don’t have any jurisdiction over the Audit Report. Don’t honor their invite, don’t go to them. This report is the property of Parliament; the Auditor General works for Parliament, not the ACC,” asserted Hon. Tawa.


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