Unity Party Leader is missing

Femi, are you missing? Unity Party is silent

BY Alfred Korma

If you see her, tell her she’s missing or still, tell her we are noticing the silence of her political party.

It it’s just a follow up. Femi Claudius Cole last told Concord Times Unity Party will soon go for convention. That’s about nine months ago, yet still; we’ve not heard anything after that interview in May 2022. Which brings us the question: how soon is the soon she told us about?

The medical practitioner established Unity Party in 2016 and contested for State House under its symbol, bringing her into the political limelight. She was the only female Presidential candidate in the 2018 election but dropped out of the race in the first round of the votes.

Speaking to Concord Times in May, she expressed confidence that her party will be on a table where decisions that influence and affect citizens’ lives are made after the election in the election in June this year.

Claudius Cole now chairs a group of political parties carrying the name, Consortium of Progressive Political Parties known (COPPP).

She told us COPPP intends to contest 2023 election as a coalition not as individual political parties which she said was only going to be possible after a written agreement among members that will transform the Consortium into a coalition. Does this mean we will not be having too many political parties represented on the Ballot paper? We’ve tried to get back onto Claudius Cole but to no avail.

Cole last made headlines in July after she was taken to CID with truck of police officers escorting her.  The police allege she mobilized a group of women dubbed as National Women’s Wing of Sierra Leone to stage unauthorized protest.  Social media footage showed the said Women in Madam Cole’s house, threatening they are determined to chase Police Officers during their protest.


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