23 former APC ministers endorse Samura Kamara

Dr. Samuara Kamara and some of the former ministers

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay                    

Twenty-three (23) Former Ministers in erstwhile President Ernest Bai Koroma government has endorsed Dr. Samuara Kamara for the All People Congress (APC) party Flag-bearer positions.

The endorsement was done at the party headquarters at the old railway line Brookfield in Freetown on Monday, 30th January.

Maya Kaikai, Madina Rahman, Ismail Al Sankoh Conteh, Hassan Barrie, Nannette Thomas, Charles Rogers, Mohamed Bangura, Frankly Kargbo, Dr. Sam Sesay and others were among the ministers that endorsed Dr. Samura Kamara as flagbearer to represent APC in the coming election.

Speaking after the endorsement, Dr. Samura Kamara thanked the former ministers for believing in him as the next flag-bearer of the APC Party.

 Dr Samura described himself as the fittest person to lead the party in 2023 because of his vast experience in national governance, administration and diplomacy. He added that what the country needs at this time is someone that understands the politics of the country.

He said historic support of his colleagues reflect the determination of the individuals to lay a solid foundation for the return of the party to power come 2023, noting that other candidates most reflect what he has done during his days when they were ministers.

He added that only the APC that has the manpower to develop Sierra Leone and that with him as President, that dream to see a developed Sierra Leone can be achieved.

He further said the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is the biggest virus that has ever entered into Sierra Leone, noting all that they have done is to divide the people. Dr Sumura added that since the SLPP came to power they have never built anything for the people of the country.

One of the ministers who endorsed Dr Sumura for the APC 2023 flagbearer position, Ismail Al Sankoh Conteh said the endorsement is not only for Dr. Samura but for the people of Sierra Leone. He said what the country needs is a person that can solve the problem of Sierra Leone as quickly as possible.

He said half of the ministers of former President Koroma have declared for Samuar Kamara because they believe he is the only one that can make things better for the people of Sierra Leone.

He advise other ministers, parliamentarians, councilor, Directors that served under the former President Koroma to come out and declare for Dr. Samura Kamara for the Flag-bearer position of the APC party


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