Two behind bars for alleged theft at Lakka Government Hospital


By Mohamed J Kargbo

Ibrahim Bangura and Bockarie Uinsa made an appearance before Magistrate Sahr Kekura of the Pademba Road Court and were standing trial on two count charges to wit conspiracy to commit a crime and larceny contrary to Section 2 of the Larceny Act of 1916.

It was alleged that the accused persons, between the 15 to the 21st January 2024, at the Lakka Government Hospital, Main Peninsular in Freetown, conspired with someone unknown to commit a crime to with larceny.

It was also alleged that the accused persons on the above said date and place in Freetown did steal one FG Wilson Incinerator Generator engine and one Perkins Generator engine, property of the said hospital.

Susan Charles, medical personnel, testified in court that she recognised the accused persons.

She identified the accused persons as security guards deployed   at the Lakka Government Hospital.

She did recall the date between 15th to the 21st January 2024, when she was on duty in the morning hours.

 She narrated that she went into her office where the monitory and evaluation officer gave her some pieces of information about some theft that had taken place at the hospital

She said upon receiving that information, she went to the scene and found out that the generator engine had been stolen.

She said she returned to her office and reported the matter to the hospital heads, who reported it to the Adonkia Police Station.

She further said that they obtained statements from her and the M&E Officer and later the police invited the second accused and took statement from him.

 She said the police went to the crime scene and took some snapshots.

She also said two days after that, the same M&E officer also reported that another generator engine had gone missing and that the M&E officer went to the Police Station and reported the matter.

She said the police who was handling the first theft case again visited the scene together with the second accused.

The witness was cross examined by the defense lawyer, who renewed his application for bail to be administered to his clients.

The magistrate refused the accused persons bail and remanded them at the Male Correctional Centre

The matter was adjourned to the 22nd February,2024.


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