Two accused granted bail for `allegedly receiving stolen goods


By Elizabeth Kamara

Alie Bassie  ,Momoh Swaray and Abubakara Sesay made their first appearance before Magistrate Santigie Bangura of the  Pademba Road Court No.3 in Freetown.

The accused persons were standing trial on three count charges to wit larceny and receiving stolen goods.

It was alleged that on the 30th, July 2023, at Mile 13 Village, in the Western Area Rural of Freetown, the accused  did steal one hundred and ten cartoons 600 millimeter tiles, twenty two pipe toilet fittings, twelve pieces of security door handles, twenty-two pieces of plumbing flitting for toilet, twenty two pieces of sinking tube, all to the total sum of sixty eight thousand one hundred Leones (68.000),property of Amie John.

It was alleged that the second accused person on the said date and place, did receive five cartoons tile, seven set of security door handles and one plumbing fittings, all to the total sum of nine thousand five hundred Leones (le9, 500),property of Amie John, knowing same to have been stolen.

The third accused person was alleged to have on the said date and place received 600 by 600 millimeter tiles valued two hundred Leones (200), property of Amie John, knowing same to have been stolen.

Inspector Terencia Macfoy led a prosecutor witness.

The first witness Musa, an entertainer, said he recognised the first accused person as his caretaker and the second and third accused, who he usually bought items from.

He recalled on the 1st day of July to the 30th July, 2023, he noticed that his warehouse cable was missing and that he called the first accused person and asked him for the missing items.

He said he then identified who he sold the cable to and that, after that the first accused person escaped and was nowhere to be found.

He said that he noticed that other items were also missing- four door handles, one hundred and ten tiles, twenty two feet of toilet seat and others.

He further said that he went to Adonkia Police Station and made  statement and that, the first accused person was arrested together with the accused person.

 He said  some police officers went to the scene of crime at Mile 13 where the accused person identified the second accused person and his shop where he sold the items.

The witness said that he saw five cartoons tile and five security door.

He also said that himself together with the accused and the police went to the house of the third accused where the first accused person identified five cartoons tile he sold to the accused.

He said they later returned to the police station where he made his statement.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Santigie Bangura granted the third and second accused eighty thousand Leones with two sureties in like sum

He said the sureties must be resident within Freetown and should produce valid identity cards depicting their addresses  in Freetown.

 He ordered that the bail must be approved by the Deputy Assistant Register.

He adjourned the matter to the 30th November, 2023


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