The Abundance of Opportunities: Customers set to Gain from Access Bank Plc’s Expanded Network


In an era of global connectivity and expanding markets, financial institutions play a crucial role in shaping economic landscapes and empowering individuals and businesses alike. In Africa, Access Bank Plc, a prominent full-service commercial bank and wholly-owned subsidiary of Access Holdings Plc, is at the forefront of this transformative journey. With its recent acquisition of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in Sierra Leone, Access Bank Plc is setting the stage for an abundance of opportunities that will directly benefit its customers in the region.

Whilst Access Bank has had a presence in Sierra Leone for over 16 years, this acquisition marks a significant milestone, as it adds to its already impressive network of subsidiaries in 14 African Countries and international presence in France, UAE, the United Kingdom, China, Lebanon, and India. This move is key to the Bank’s journey towards building a strong global franchise focused on serving as a gateway and support for investment, and trade within Africa on the one hand, and between Africa and the rest of the world by leveraging the power of technology and a robust network of relationships across its operating countries. This dynamic ecosystem of local and international partnerships will enable the bank to deliver a seamless and efficient global payments and remittance service.

For Sierra Leone and other neighbouring countries specifically, Access Bank’s expansion in the region signifies a deliberate effort towards unlocking collective potential in inter-African and intra-African trade. The consolidation of its position in the region opens doors to a more comprehensive and seamless banking experience for all stakeholders, underscored by the Bank’s experience in driving successful M&As as well as its rich history of implementing targeted innovative digital banking solutions in new markets. Customers will be provided with the tools and resources needed to capitalise on a dynamic global finance landscape, enabling them to thrive and grow in an ever-changing economic environment.

Access Bank’s expansion efforts in Sierra Leone, is not solely about financial growth; it is driven by a desire to foster vibrant and sustainable communities, where economic opportunities are accessible to all, ultimately leaving an indelible impact on Sierra Leoneans. The Access Bank Group’s 5-year strategic plan aspires to extend its reach to over 125 million customers while prioritising financial inclusion, especially among the unbanked and underbanked segments of the West African region. Access Bank firmly believes that genuine prosperity is cultivated through inclusive growth and economic development. As such, the Bank is dedicated to nurturing the success of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Women and Youths, recognising their pivotal role as the backbone of a thriving economy.

As Access Bank continues to uphold its core values and works towards achieving its strategic objectives, customers can rest assured that their financial aspirations will be met with dedication and professionalism. Sierra Leoneans can also start to dream of a sustainable, equitable society driven by the Bank’s promise to deliver ‘More than Banking’.

Beyond benefits to its customers, Access Bank’s employees and stakeholders, the people of Sierra Leone will also experience advantages such as increased growth opportunities, the enhanced skill set of a combined workforce, and Access Bank’s commitment to sustainable banking principles.

Even as Access Bank and SCB continue to work towards finalising the acquisition, all stakeholders can look forward to being able to access more products and services through a best-in-class digital platform and a branch network spanning the West African region.


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