Man jailed 4 years for possessing ammunitions 


By Mohamed J Kargbo

Yayah Fullah, a labourer made another appearance before Magistrate Mark Negba of Court No.1 on Pademba Road and he was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment at the Male Correctional Centre for unlawful possession of ammunitions.  

The convict was standing trial on 4 count charges to wit possession of small arms, control of small arms, concealment of arms without lawful authority and keeping a great number of small arms without license.

It was alleged that on 20 April 2023 along Sowulia Police Check Point in the Samoko Limba Chiefdom, Bombali District, was found in possession of small arms without license

It was also alleged that on the same date and place in Makeni, the accused was found in control of small arms without license

Police did allege that on the above said date and address in Makeni,the accused unlawfully concealed arms without lawful authority.

It was alleged on count four that on the above date and place in Makeni the accused person kept greater number of small arms without licenses.

The accused person, who was unrepresented in court by any legal counsel pleaded with the Bench that he will not repeat such act again.

Meanwhile, the magistrate sentenced him to a jail term of 12 month on each count, stating that the sentence should be run consecutively.


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