SKM CEO clears air over alleged tax evasion, unfair practices


In response to the recent publication in a local newspaper dated March 29th, 2024, with the headline “Leonoil Sets the Record Straight on Jaffer Zeghir’s Intended Tax Evasion,” Chief Executive Officer of Sky Marshall (SKM) company, Jaffar Hussein Zeghir, has come forward to address the  claims made against him and his business dealings with Leonoil.

 SKM is a reputable one-stop-shop business company registered in Sierra Leone and Liberia, providing hundreds of employment opportunities for Sierra Leoneans and operating establishments across the country.
The series of events that unfolded between SKM and Leonoil date back to 2021 when SKM engaged in a transaction with Leonoil for the purchase of 200,000 liters of fuel during the Covid-19 outbreak in Sierra Leone, where strict regulations were in place for the movement of vehicles. Following the payment and issuance of all necessary documents, a subsequent price increase by Leonoil led to a dispute, resulting in SKM seeking legal redress in court.
After a lengthy legal battle that culminated in a judgment in favor of Jaffar Hussein Zeghir by Justice SO Tailor on February 7th, 2024, Leonoil sought a stay of execution and subsequently filed for appeals against the ruling. However, the actions taken by Leonoil following the court’s decision have raised concerns about adherence to the rule of law and respect for judicial outcomes.
Jaffar Zeghir’s rebuttal addresses the inaccuracies and misrepresentations present in the media coverage of the case. Contrary to the claims made, Jaffar did not purchase 430,000 liters of fuel from Leonoil but rather 200,000 liters. Nor did he receive any communication from Leonoil regarding the collection of the products or the subsequent price hike. Additionally, Jaffar emphasizes that neither he nor SKM owe any outstanding taxes to Leonoil or the National Revenue Authority as all tax obligations were honored upfront during the initial transaction.
The intentional misleading publications that paint a false narrative of tax evasion and misconduct on the part of Jaffar and SKM have been debunked by Jaffar’s detailed account of the events and the facts surrounding the case. He underscores that all payments made were transparent and in compliance with tax regulations, further discrediting the allegations leveled against him and his company.
It is imperative for the public relations wing of Leonoil to uphold integrity and professionalism in their communications and dealings, as the dissemination of inaccurate information can have damaging consequences on reputations and public perception. The need for accurate and balanced reporting on such sensitive matters is crucial to ensuring fair treatment and justice for all parties involved.
Jaffar Zeghir’s comprehensive rebuttal serves to set the record straight and provide clarity on the events that transpired between SKM and Leonoil, emphasizing adherence to legal processes, tax compliance, and the pursuit of justice in a transparent and ethical manner. The public is urged to exercise discernment and critical thinking when consuming news reports to avoid being misled by false narratives and sensationalism.


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