OPEN LETTER: A Call to Rise Together: An Apology and Invitation to Sierra Leone’s Youth for United Reform and Growth Following Senegal’s Lead


Dear Compatriots of Sierra Leone,

I address you today not merely as a public servant but as one born of this land, a comrade in our collective endeavour, and an advocate for the transformation we all earnestly desire. It is with a spirit of profound contrition that I offer my deepest apologies to the young and dynamic citizens of Sierra Leone for the misjudgments that have occurred under my political stewardship and the subsequent repercussions.

In our emotional quest to elevate our cherished nation from the depths of socio-economic adversity, my party, the NGC, and I endorsed the leadership of the SLPP and President Julius Maada Bio. Our intentions were noble, our goals congruent with progress, and our pledges grounded in the belief that in unity, we could initiate an epoch of significant reform. However, the unfolded reality betrays this belief—promises unfulfilled, squandered potential and the looming shadows of avarice, preferential treatment, and sectionalism.

Regrettably, the alliance that was to symbolise hope has devolved into a grim lesson, one that burdens my conscience. As one who fervently supports liberal values, the empowerment of youth, and inclusivity in governance, I acknowledge the magnitude of my misstep.

I reflect, remorsefully, on my decision during the 2018 Presidential runoff to support Samura Kamara, drawn by his economic insight that promised to elevate our nation. In 2023, I placed similar trust in President Julius Maada Bio, hoping for an alliance that would close rifts and draw upon our people’s collective wisdom.

Yet, our aspirations are now on hold, our endurance strained to its limits, and our earnest efforts to contribute to our nation’s progress have been met with disregard and division. My backing of President Bio through the Progressive Alliance with NGC was rooted in a sincere concern for our nation’s unity and the intent to prevent conflict, not political opportunism.*

But at what cost have we supported this government, especially to our youth and to the future of Sierra Leone?

As we confront escalating societal challenges, including the widespread use of KUSH, a strained healthcare system, inadequate clean water, erratic electricity, rampant inflation, entrenched corruption, widespread unemployment, and the rising costs of necessities, it is evident that we must forge a new direction.

I now withdraw my support from the current SLPP-NGC Alliance government, not out of bitterness, but from a firm belief that we can—and indeed must—aspire to greater heights.

I am not motivated by personal gain for a job, as my ongoing PhD studies in the United States and the successful completion of my double master’s degree in Germany and the UK have opened up numerous international opportunities for me, including my business conglomerates (LAKE Group of Companies). Over the years, these companies have employed hundreds of young people nationwide. Instead, my drive is fueled by a solid commitment to improving our homeland and ensuring that history remembers this era where we chose bravery over ease and proactive measures over passive acceptance.

Inspired by Bassirou Diomaye Faye’s victory in Senegal, I call upon Sierra Leone’s youth to unite and establish the Young Progressive Movement. This will be a coalition of over a million strong, vibrant Sierra Leoneans from ages 15 to 35, determined to seize control of our nation’s future and mould a society where every Sierra Leonean can prosper.

The imperative for change is immediate. Let us embrace this opportunity wholeheartedly and collectively stride towards a Sierra Leone that mirrors our greatest hopes and enduring resolve.

Together, we can author a new narrative for Sierra Leone—one defined by solidarity, advancement, and unshakable optimism.

In dedication to our nation and its younger generation, I offer my WhatsApp number, +23230 624762. Contact me as we endeavour to enlighten the minds of one million progressive young Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad in anticipation of 2028.

#FixSalone #NowOrNever

Amb. Alhaji K. Tarawally

Youth Advocate and Leader


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