Former Skye Bank manager’s trial: Judge orders records access for both counsels 


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

During the latest hearing in the trial of Mr. Ikubolaje Nicol, former Skye Bank Manager accused of murder and now manslaughter, Justice Momoh Jah Steven has directed the court registrar to provide the trial record to both the prosecution and defense teams at no cost.

The order was issued at the main Law Court Building of the Sexual Offenses Model Court in Freetown, where proceedings in the case between the state and the accused were conducted.

Police Constable (PC) 20979 Mustapha Conteh, attached to the OSD Headquarters, testified as the second prosecution witness in the alleged manslaughter trial.

Conteh recounted his observations while working as an armed security guard at Nicol’s residence in Leicester Village, Freetown.

He detailed his work schedule and recounted events from October 15, 2022, including the accused’s comings and goings from his residence that night. Conteh described an incident on April 16, 2022, when Nicol allegedly sought assistance to take his girlfriend, Sinnah Kai Kargbo, to the hospital. Kargbo later passed away, leading to Nicol’s manslaughter charge.

Lead Defense Counsel, Roland Wright opted not to cross-examine Conteh, and the State Prosecutor Aruna Jalloh requested an adjournment to bring forth additional witnesses for the next hearing on April 30, 2024.

The trial continues as Nicol faces allegations of unlawfully killing Sinnah Kai Kargbo.


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