Rokel Bank MD unveils vision for 2024

                        RCB’s MD, DR. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB) and its Managing Director, Dr. Walton Gilpin, the recipient of the African Banker of the Year award in 2023, have unveiled ambitious plans for the year 2024.

The bank shared its vision during a press briefing held on Friday at the RC Bank tower branch on Kissi Road in Freetown.

Dr. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin was honored with the African Banker of the Year award at the Global Reputation Forum (Reputable Banks and Fintech Awards) held at the House of Lords Palace of Westminster in London, powered by Reputation Poll International (RPI) United Kingdom.

Abdul Wahab Bangura, the Sierra Leonean representative of Reputation Poll International, congratulated Dr. Gilpin and the entire Rokel Commercial Bank Management for winning the prestigious African Banker of the Year Award.

He highlighted RPI’s role as a strategic consultancy agency specialized in corporate reputation management, recognizing outstanding individuals and organizations globally.

Dr. Gilpin, who has received several awards in the past five years, outlined his vision as the African Banker of the Year 2023.

He expressed his goal for Sierra Leone to become a destination where individuals can access quality financial services with international banking cards, use Automated Teller Machines for fund transactions, and engage in electronic and digital transfers aligned with international standards.

The MD announced an upcoming symposium on cybersecurity scheduled for February 22, 2024, in collaboration with EST Applied Intelligence (UK).

He said the symposium aims to bring together industry and political leaders, experts, and innovators to discuss critical aspects of cybersecurity, including its importance in financial services, customer data protection, enabling financial innovation and inclusion, central bank guidelines, and risk management.

Dr. Gilpin emphasized the bank’s commitment to enhancing the commercial banking system through the introduction of a cashless ecosystem, banking process automation, cybersecurity resilience, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence.

He concluded by reaffirming Rokel Commercial Bank’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, pledging to partner with various institutions to support causes such as environmental protection, gender balance in education, sports and entertainment, and humanitarian programs for vulnerable groups in society.

The press briefing, attended by press representatives, board members of the bank, and staff, provided insights into RCB’s strategic direction for the year ahead.


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