Richard Konteh refutes claims of receiving money from Samura Kamara

Dr. Richard Konteh is a strong contender for the APC flagbearer

The D-Unifier Media Team of prominent opposition politician, Dr. Richard Konteh, has refuted social media reports alleging that Dr. Richard Konteh received $300,000 from Dr. Samura Kamara for the setting up of a Collation Centre and $600,000 for the payment of party agents.

“Dr. Richard Konteh did not receive $300,000 or any money from Dr. Samura Kamara for the setting up of a Collation Centre. Dr Richard Konteh actually financed the Collation Centre that was set up in his hotel in Makeni. The 10 Laptops, which were assigned to him for the Collation Centre in Makeni were returned to the National Secretary General immediately after Dr. Samura  called him up and asked him to close the Collation Centre in Makeni on the 26th June 2023,” a statement from the team affirmed.

 The further refuted claims that  Dr. Richard Konteh  receive $600,000 from Dr Samura Kamara for the payment of Party Agents.

“Dr Konteh only assisted the National Treasurer in making some of the initial payments and the report on same has since been submitted to the Treasurer and National Secretary General. The part payment was only effected because Dr. Konteh was directed at a NAC meeting to proceed with the part payment whilst the Party solicits additional funds to complete the payment. Those funds were never made available to complete the payment.”

The statement reads that Dr. Richard Konteh demonstrated the highest degree of loyalty and devotion to the APC Party and to the Dr Samura Kamara Campaign.

“To therefore attempt to smear his hard earned reputation based on false accusations is truly unfortunate and does not augur well for our gracious Party.D-UNIfIER Media Team wishes to make it known that Dr. Richard Konteh is a very clean man and we hereby challenge anyone with credible evidence to the contrary to come forward with same to refute the assertions made in this Statement.”

With his eyes on the big ball,Dr. Richard Konteh and his UNIFIER Team members, stated that they  will stay focused and not be deterred by unscrupulously orchestrated negative propaganda designed to tarnish the image of a fine and loyal APC member.

Dr. Richard was one of the frontrunners of the flagbearer race of the main opposition All People’s Congres.In the hotly contested national delegates’ convention, running up to the 2023 elections,Dr.Konteh secured a second position with significant votes.


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