Police investigates murder of Providence School teacher

Deceased: Mr. Johnson

By Yusufu S. Bangura

Police are currently investigating Mohamed Arun Conteh, an SSS 3 pupil attending the Providence International High School, for allegedly stabbing his teacher, Gillis Edward Ola Johnson, to death.

The alleged incident took place on Saturday, 11th March 2023, at the residence of the teacher, 54 Victoria Street in Freetown at around 4pm.

According to information gathered from the scene on that fateful day, the teacher in question was conducting lessons at home, which the young boy and other pupils do attend.

Neighbours within the vicinity claimed that the boy reportedly went to the teacher’s home and found him alone, watching a Chelsea football match on TV.

They narrated that the deceased was a quiet person who used to stay in his apartment alone and on that day, before the suspect committed the said act, the windows to his apartment were opened.

They said the suspect went behind the house to use the bathroom and that after using the bathroom he returned to the deceased.

Upon reaching the parlour of the deceased, according to the neighbours, the boy turned up the volume of the TV to mask his actions, and then allegedly carried out his intended plan by stabbing the teacher with three pens in the neck.

They further said after the alleged incident, the suspect removed the actual clothes he was putting on and closed the windows.

They claimed that the suspect also closed the door and went to the Aberdeen police station and reported the matter  that some group of people have attacked the deceased.

They said based upon that information, the police officers at Aberdeen took the suspect to the Western Police Station at Adelaide Street and went to the scene where they met the deceased lying on the floor with blood oozing from his neck.

When speaking to the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation ‘Morning Coffee program’ during a telephone interview, the spokesperson for Sierra Leone Police, Commissioner Brima Kamara, confirmed that the prime suspect Mohamed Arun Conteh is in their custody helping the police with investigations.

He further said when the suspect went to the police station he reported a matter of homicide and that he was arrested.

He assured the public that after the investigations the matter would be charged to court.

Kamara added that there must be other people involved in the crime and that they would also be investigated and brought to book. He concluded that they also have the alleged vest and T shirt of the suspect in their custody.

According to the proprietor of the Providence International High School, Joseph Bangura, it was a surprise for them to hear about the mysterious incident because up till now they have not yet got exact story of the whole issue.

He said the deceased was the Deputy Director of Studies of the school and that he has worked at the school for the past ten years.


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