CSO threatens protest over death of Sierra Leoneans in Lebanon


By Alfred Koroma

More than one thousand migrants returnees in Sierra Leone will demonstrate if action is not taken over the death of Sierra Leoneans in Lebanon, Executive Director for Advocacy Network Against Irregular Migration, Sheaku Bangura has said.

The threat follows the devastating death of several Sierra Leoneans from a fire incident in Lebanon during the weekend.

According to a press release issued from the Consulate Office in Lebanon, five Sierra Leoneans died from the tragedy, while two are still in critical condition. But in an interview last week, Marion Tommy Campbell from the Office also told Concord Times that six people died.

There are increasing calls for action on the incident which appears suspicious to many Sierra Leonean citizens at home and abroad.

The incident happened in the seventh floor of a nine story building. And Tommy said the fire only broke out on the floor where the Sierra Leoneans were. The cause of the fire is unknown but investigation is ongoing.

Dozens of Sierra Leoneans work in Lebanon and other countries within the Asian continent, but many are stranded and craving for repatriation.

 Working in Lebanon does not seem rosy for foreigners as complaints of sexual harassment, forced labor and other inhuman treatments keep emerging.

“We call on the Lebanese Community to talk with its government in Lebanon to repatriate our citizens,” the Executive Director for Advocacy Network Against Irregular Migration said, calling on the Lebanese Government to investigate and take action on what has happened recently.


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