Nigerian medics arrive to strengthen Salone’s healthcare sector


By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

 Last Sunday, Frank Azuike, the Charge D’Affaires at the Nigerian High Commission in Sierra Leone, welcomed and handed over 14 Nigeria Technical Aid Corps (TAC) medical volunteers to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

The volunteers are part of a larger group of 18, with the remaining members expected to join soon. The current batch will serve in Sierra Leone from 2024 to 2026.

Established in 1987, TAC is a Nigerian international cooperation organization providing expertise to various African and Caribbean countries. Sierra Leone has benefitted significantly from this program, with Nigerian medical professionals aiding communities and saving lives.

During a welcome dinner at the Nigerian High Commission in Freetown, Azuike emphasized the vital role of healthcare and the strong relationship between Nigeria and Sierra Leone, which began with the TAC agreement in 2009.

“This is not merely an act of assistance; it is a powerful testament to our shared humanity and unwavering commitment to our solidarity. Health transcends borders and is a cornerstone of human dignity. In this, we are to be our brother’s keeper,” Azuike remarked.

He urged the medical volunteers to fulfill their mission nobly, make a tangible difference, and serve as ambassadors of hope by enhancing health and well-being in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Mustapha Kabba, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, expressed gratitude on behalf of the Sierra Leonean government for Nigeria’s long-standing support, especially in the medical sector. He highlighted the fruitful relationship between the two nations and Nigeria’s significant role in training many Sierra Leoneans.

Dr. Kabba noted the need for specialists in Sierra Leone and disclosed that the government has constructed state-of-the-art children’s hospitals, with plans to build four more advanced hospitals in the provinces.


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