Court Martial: Defense opens its case


 By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

On Monday, July 1, 2024, the defense counsel in the ongoing court martial trial began presenting their case with testimony from two witnesses. Last week, Judge Advocate Mark Ngeba and the board members presiding over the trial rejected the defense’s no-case submission.

One of the defense witnesses, Madam Kadiatu Bundu Caulker, led by Defense Counsel I. A. Kamara, admitted to knowing the second accused, Ibrahim Bundu Kamara.

In her testimony, she stated that she is a businesswoman residing in Goderich and identified the second accused as her nephew.

Madam Caulker recalled events from Sunday, November 26, 2023. At approximately 5 AM, while preparing for prayers, she received a phone call informing her about an incident at Wilberforce.

Concerned for her nephew, who was stationed at Wilberforce Barracks, she attempted to contact him multiple times but was unsuccessful.

Later that evening, around 7 PM, after prayers, she spoke with her younger sister, Fatmata Bundu Kamara, who had received information about the second accused through WhatsApp.

Madam Caulker then checked social media and saw images of the accused in handcuffs with visible injuries on his face. The shock caused her to faint, but she later regained consciousness.

The following day, the accused’s wife, Isha Kamara, informed her that Ibrahim Bundu Kamara was alive but in critical condition at the Criminal Investigation Department.

Lead Prosecutor JAK Sesay cross-examined the witness. The trial has been adjourned to July 3, 2024, for another witness to testify.


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