King Jimmy traders dissatisfied with  hike in prices of food items


By Elizabeth J. Kamara

Traders at the King Jimmy Market have in an interview with this medium stated that they are becoming more frustrated due to the hike in the price of food stuff in the country.

Salmata Koroma, a petty trader that deals in vegetables leaves stated that living expenses and cost of food is becoming more alarming by the day, and have made it difficult for Sierra Leonean to survive, adding that Sierra Leonean are becoming more frustrating as a result of that.

She added that the government in their campaign, promised the people to control the inflation rate in the country but they are totally witnessing the opposite. They said they thought that the present government will be able to change the economic challenges in the country as promised, but what they are seeing is becoming more severe and dire.

Alimamy Sankoh, a fisher man, stated that Sierra Leoneans are going through the worst Administration ever, He explained that a gallon of oil that cost minimal during the previous government has drastically increased leaving Sierra Leonean starved.

Ann Marie Sesay, a trader that deals in rice and food stuff noted that two years back they purchased a big bag of rice at 500,000 thousand Leones which now cost 750 Leones. She mentioned that the economic challenges have become more difficult that some people can’t endure anymore.

She added that the economic challenges and inflation rates in the country has made Sierra Leonean doubt the system.


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