Kamarainba’s health is life threatening

Convicted Kamarainba Mansaray

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

While the public is eager to know the current status of opposition politician, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), who was convicted and imprisoned for sexual penetration, Concord Times can authoritatively state that, the current health status of the popular politician is life threatening and needs to undergo urgent surgery outside Sierra Leone.

On Friday, September 8, the Court of Appeal presided by Justice Momoh Jah Stevens granted a thirty-million bail and two sureties to Mohamed Kamarainba Manasary.

He was sentenced to seventy years in prison by Justice S. Taylor on Friday 17th February, 2022, after he was found guilty of penetrating a fifteen-year school pupil.

Meanwhile, Kamarainba’s Lawyer, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai had advised his client to avoid the media, but one of his close aids at the hospital told Concord Times that medical report states that the man has lost over 80 pounds of his weight and that he loses blood on a daily basis.

“Doctors infused into him blood every Wednesday because he is losing blood every day. They have recommended flying him to India for surgery and we are waiting on the government to give us clearance to fly him out,” said the aide, who preferred anonymity.

Concord Times discovered that, Kamarainba has been admitted at the Connaught Hospital for almost a year now and doctors have been battling to manage his health. 

“He has been here since September last year but there was a huge presence of security with armed personnel guiding him in the hospital. Before now, nobody could access him in hospital, but since he was granted bail, all the security personnel were withdrawn.”

On Thursday,news broke out that Kamarainba has died in Prison but the Correctional Service was quick to respond and told the public that the man was alive and responding to treatment.

Lawyer Alie Theo Turay, representing Kamarinba  in court had made an application by notice of motion dated the 6th September 2023, and in support of the motion was an affidavit together with seven exhibits attached to same.

“Bail is the inherent discretion of the Court. Section 79, Sub Sections 4 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1965 provides a person may be admitted to bail at any time. Section 67 (2 ) of the Courts Act 1965 makes provision for the granting of bail as well,” he submitted.

Representing the State, Y.I. Sesay noted that they were not opposing to bail and that their position was line with the reasoning that while the convict was undergoing trial, he was granted bail.


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