Gento under criticism for religious, tribal bigotry

Gento: You have been called to order to do the needful

By Alfred Koroma

The ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) mayoral aspirant for the Freetown City Council, Mohamed Gento Kamara, is under wide condemnation and criticism after he is seen in a leaked video making religious and tribal statements in a clumsy appeal to win Muslim voters.

A leaked footage trending on social media shows Gento addressing a group of people in Basharia Mosque, Kissy Road, Freetown, making tribal and religious sensitive statements while campaigning them to vote him in the June election.

Gento Kamara has declared to contest for the Freetown City Council Mayoral seat under the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party. He is contesting for a seat that has never been won by a non-native Krio.

 In a press statement, the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists condemned the statement, saying it is worried, and troubled after watching Gento’s video on social media.

“SLAJ vehemently condemns this type of campaign messaging from a political aspirant and further condemns the leadership of the mosque for allowing a politician to use their place of worship to campaign on such grounds, the association says in a press statement published yesterday.

The Sierra Leone Labour Congress also condemned the aspirant and called on political parties and aspirants to refrain from spewing hate, tribalism and religious bigotry.

Mohamed Gento’s religious and tribal bigotry has nopPlace in our society, the main opposition party, All People Congress also reacted in a press release, saying Sierra Leone is a predominantly Muslim country whose religious tolerance is globally recognised and inspiring.

But the aspirant remains defiant despite the wide condemnation. A press statement from his media team says his statement was misinterpreted.


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