Former councilor on remand for alleged incitement of August 10 protests


By Mohamed J.Kargbo

Seiku Gibrila Tuary, allias Ice Tee, former Councilor of Ward 408, Constituency 116, made another appearance before Magistrate Mark Ngeba of the Pademba Road Magistrates’ Court No:1 for alleged Incitement

He was standing trial on one count charge of incitement contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

It was alleged that on a date unknown in 2021, the accused made an inciting message at a press conference, which was held at the New City Hall.

 The IT specialist was brought to court where he displayed a video which contained the speech made by the accused in the press conference that allegedly incited the August 10 protests.

The accused was cross examined by AJM Bockarie on the video because on the last adjourned date, the accused said that his written speech was tampered with hence the court requested for the video.

In court, the accused admitted that the video contains the speech he made at the press conference on that day.

Defence counsel, Melrone Nicol Wilson didn’t cross examine the accused person, but noted that they have a witness to testify in court on the next adjourned date.

The matter was adjourned to the 26 of April 2023 for further hearing.


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