Alleged murder of First Lady’s bodyguard: Accused acquitted and discharged   


By Mohamed J Kargbo

Mohamed Samura, Mohamed Lamin Dumbuya and Hardy Momodu Evetyn Jabbie, who were alleged to have murdered the bodyguard of First Lady Fatima Bio, Samuel Abu Bakarr Kargbo alias Wanie, have been discharged after the court established that the evidences tended in court in respect of the matter were not sufficient to prove the guilt of the accused persons.

The accused made another appearance before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Court No 1 in Freetown.

All three accused persons were charged on two counts of conspiracy to commit a crime and murder contrary to law.

All three accused persons were alleged to have on the diverse date between 27th February,2023, at Woodland Estate, Freetown, conspired together with other persons unknown and  murdered Samuel Abu Bakarr Kargbo alias Wanie.

It was alleged that all three accused on the same date and place murdered the deceased.

Leading defense counsel, Hindolo M NGevao cross examined the second accused, who had testified that the police officers that arrested him took away his money.

During cross examination, the second accused reiterated the same in court, stating that the police officer wrote his phone number and a serial number against the money they took from him.

The prosecuting  counsel also cross examined the second accused who denied knowing the deceased and that he only  came to aware about his death through social media.

The defense counsel for the first accused argued that the prosecution failed to provide enough evidence in the Magistrates’ Court for the matter to be committed to the High Court

Counsel for the third accused  put up similar argument.


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