Footballer behind bars for alleged robbery


By Mohamed J Kargbo

22-year-old Aiah Bayoh, a footballer, made an appearance before Magistrate Sahr Kekura of the Pademba Road Court No.1 in Freetown on two count charges ranging from robbery with aggravation, contrary to Section 23 (1) (a) of the Larceny Act of 1916 as repealed and replaced by Section 2 of Act No.16 of 1971.

It was alleged that,on Thursday 21st  December, 2023, at School Yard, Murray Town in Freetown,armed with a knife, the accused  robbed Festus Sannoh of one iPhone Pro max valued twelve thousand Leones, one Gucci cross bag valued three hundred and seventy Leones, one locker with key valued seven hundred Leones,all to the total value of thirteen thousand and seventy Leones.

It was also alleged that at that time or immediately after such robbery, the accused did use personal violence to the said Festus Sannoh.

It was further alleged that on the above date and place, armed with a knife, the accused  robbed Isha King of one Oppo mobile phone valued eleven thousand Leones, one ladies cross bag valued  two hundred and fifty Leones,all to the total value of eleven thousand two hundred and fifty Leones.

 It was alleged that at that time or immediately after such robbery, the accused  did use personal violence to the said Isha King.

No plea was taken after the charge was read and explained to the accused person by the court registrar.

Sergeant 9939 Mohamed Lahai, led the prosecution witness No.2, Isha King, who is  a Student at St. Joseph Primary School.

The witness recognised the accused person and recalled on the 21st December 2023 when she attended a  ‘High School Fest’.

She told the court that went out to use the rest room but asked one Festus to accompany her  to the back of the building.

She said after using the rest  room she met the accused person with two of his friends, who attacked the prosecution witness No1.

 She said she wanted to escape but one of them attacked her with knife and  forcefully removed her bag containing the s Oppo A17  phone worth eleven million old Leones, with physical cash of  two hundred and fifty Leones.

She further said prosecution witness number one managed to escape from them and called on one military officer.

 She said upon their arrival, they saw that the accused person was about to escape but he was apprehended by the military officer.

She said they took the accused person to the Murray Town Police Station.

The witness said  made statement at  the Congo Cross Police Station where she was issued with a  police medical request form.

She said went to Connaught Hospital for medical and returned with the endorsed medical request form to the said police station.

 Counsel representing the accused person, O.V Gaber, sought for a short adjournment date for him to cross examine the witness.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Kekura refused bail and sent the accused person to the Male Correctional Facility in Freetown, and adjourned the matter to the 2nd February, 2024.


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