Ex-Radio Democracy workers establish Liberty Online TV


In a bid to provide credible information on a timely basis, and counter the much talked about fake news churned out on social media, as well as change the narrative of professional journalism in Sierra Leone, Former staff members of Radio Democracy, broadcasting on frequency 98.1,FM have joined forces to establish Liberty Online Television, an innovative platform in the realm of online journalism. Mabel Kabba, Kadijah Bangura, and other senior journalists, who recently resigned from their positions, are spearheading this venture with the aim to transform the narrative of media ethics and professionalism., and will be broadcasting live and disseminating news as they break.

While the specifics surrounding their resignations have been the subject of speculation, it is clear that these esteemed journalists sought new challenges and opportunities to make a significant impact. Their decision to form Liberty Online Television aims to address the perceived issues of dictatorship, lack of professionalism, and adherence to media ethics prevalent at their former workplace.

With a strong focus on both online and mainstream journalism, Liberty Online Television will broadcast content on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, ensuring a wider reach for their audience.

The launch of Liberty Online Television marks a pivotal moment in the media landscape, featuring a dedicated team of experienced professionals committed to reshaping and elevating the standards of journalism. As they embark on this new journey, they seek to bring about positive change and redefine the way news is delivered and perceived.

The Liberty Online TV will provide access to all shades of opinion, without discrimination, and will give unbiased information on all issues discussed. It will also provide access to local artists, as well as innovators and young entrepreneurs, to share their ideas and talents. It seeks to broaden credible media landscape that can be trusted for its authenticity. Unlike many other media outlets, these professional journalists will continue to observe all the code of ethics governing media practice in the country, sticking to best international practices.

Liberty Online TV hopes to air analysis of stories carried in its programs, as well as on current affairs, with people of integrity and high pedigree being their guests.

Liberty Online TV is an online media company which seeks to foster positive change in the modern-day media within and out of Sierra Leone. We pride ourselves ready to lead this change with a dedicated team of young professionals, and positive change makers. Our dedicated team is ready to produce widely accessible media and impactful content, ranging from Good Governance, Democracy, Human Rights, Persons Living with Disability, Women and Girls Right issues and Peace in Sierra Leone.


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