EAP group of companies engages management of RC Bank

Professor Alex O. Phillips Chairman of EAP group and Dr. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin MD of RC bank

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

Members of the Ebenezer the Almighty Prosperous aka E.A.P group of companies have on December 7th, 2022 engaged management of the Rokel Commercial Bank on a mutual agreement to have the Bank as it official banking partner for the company’s business.

The EAP group of companies which is set to have a modern city that will be environmentally fascinating, exotic and stunning for residential, entertainment, recreational and tourism purposes at York Village will complete its first project by a modernize water by Easter next year..

Professor Alex O. Phillips said the Motherland City project which is to be implemented by the EAP Group of Companies will brand Sierra Leone as one of the foremost tourist investment destination in Africa.

“The establishment of the most attractive 21st century smart city is said to begin in 2023. Infrastructures such as roads, water and electricity will occupy the first phase of construction, which is expected in two years and the city which costs is estimated at around 200 million USD is expected to be completed by April 2027,” Professor Philips assured.

Chairman Phillips told the management of the Rokel Commercial Bank that the Motherland City will consist of 10,000 residential units, shopping mall in 250 units, wax museum, 4 factories, and energy wind mills for power generation, ferry depot and terminal, hospital complex, schools, amusement park, hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers among other life enjoyable facilities.

Phillips averred that the Smart city will attract more businesses, thereby boosting the Country’s economy and reducing unemployment because businesses flock to cities with smarter infrastructure to lowers their operating costs, thereby improving their profit margins and opportunities for growth.

Chairman Phillips assured that the Motherland City when completed will save each Sierra Leonean citizen staying in Freetown 125 hours a year. He said Freetown is currently 4 mph, causing drivers to lose up to 70 hours per year due to congestion.

“Motherland city will provide better traffic management and therefore quicker and safer roads, this will give drivers up to 60 hours back annually. The Sierra Leone’s Motherland City of hope, when completed will improve net spending inflows, crate jobs and contribute to tax revenues by generating substantial amounts of taxes to the local and central Government,” he concluded.

Dr. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin, Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank thanked the delegation and the EAP group for not losing faith in RC Bank as a local bank. He said the Rokel Commercial is indeed a banking solution provider, maintaining that they want the partnership to become the envy of Sierra Leone and by extension the whole world.

“We are a local bank that is for the people, by the people and of the people and what EAP is doing for the people of Sierra Leone. As the project is in its inception mode, we can be proud to say we are part of the process, therefore we will give you all the service that you need,” he assured.

He said the company is bringing home what Sierra Leoneans have been paying to go and see, feel  and enjoy in other Countries. He assured the EAP group of their Bank’s support as he emphasized on their banks accessibility to every Sierra Leonean through the SIM KOPOR mobile banking.

Other key staff of the Bank expressed further commitment in working with the EAP group of companies. They all noted that they will always be ready to give special attention and apt service to the EAP Group.


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