Dr.Philip Kanu again: Lecturers want him sacked

Dr. Philip Kanu is always swam in controversy

By Ishmael Dumbuya

Aggrieved and concerned lecturers at the Milton Margai University of Education and Technology (MMCET) have called on President Julius Maada Bio to immediately replace Dr.Philip John Kanu as principal of the university.

The lecturers are aggrieved that some of their colleagues who reside in the quarters on campus have been allegedly given just a week notice to move out of their quarters or face forceful eviction.

They claimed that the principal rejected a humble plea for the lecturers to be moved to other vacant quarters until theirs are completed.

They called on the president to free them from ‘bondage’ under Philip Kanu, or else they are at risk of dying out of frustration.

“Right now, the level of frustration is at all-time high and the thought that this man will be with the institution for five more years is killing. He dismisses at will and brings in his own family members or friends,” they claimed.

They reiterated their call for the president to save them from the suffering which they are going through under the leadership of Philip John Kanu .

The aggrieved lecturers further claimed that the principal boasts on a daily basis about his connection with the Bio administration, and therefore does things with impunity.

Philip Kanu is not free from controversy. Prior to the elections, he was suspended after he was secretly recorded preaching tribal hate. He was reinstated after some paramount chiefs in the north pleaded with President Bio to reinstate him.


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