Court Martial: Judge Advocate orders medical treatment for ailing accused


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

During the Court Martial trial of twenty-seven serving military personnel, Judge Advocate Marke Negegba issued an order for Correctional Service Officers and relevant authorities to ensure proper medical examination and treatment for the 6th accused, RSLAF 18177731 Lance Corporal, Edward Koroma, also known as Smallie.

The decision came following an application by Lawyer Ibrahim Bangura from the Legal Aid Board, which received no objection from the lead state prosecutor, Joseph Andrew Khalil (JAK) Sesay.

Lawyer Ibrahim Bangura highlighted that the 6th accused was unwell, suffering from pain, and had an existing medical condition. He urged the Judge Advocate to order a thorough examination and treatment, emphasising the importance of justice and fair trial.

“The 6th accused will not be fit to stand trial today due to his present medical condition,” stated Lawyer Ibrahim Bangura.

The most senior correctional officer present, known as “Bigger,” disclosed that he became aware of the 6th accused’s illness only in the morning, prior to the hearing.

Responding to the Defense Counsel’s application, State Prosecutor, JAK Sesay acknowledged the absence of medical evidence before the Courts but expressed no opposition to the application despite the absence of certified medical report about the health status of the accused.

The accused, including Lieutenant Colonel Charles James Mishek Yamba and twenty-six others, are facing 80 counts of charges ranging from mutiny to misprism of treason, as per the Armed Forces Act.

The accused have been remanded, and the matter has been adjourned to February 26, 2024.


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