As RCB pioneers future of cybersecurity… Symposium establishes unique standards

RCB MD and members of RSLAF at the symposium

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

Rokel Commercial Bank, a financial institution in Sierra Leone, coordinated a groundbreaking Cybersecurity Symposium on Cybersecurity and Financial Inclusion hosted at the Freetown City Council auditorium on February 22nd.

Over 500 participants drawn from the financial sector, academic institutions, Civil Society, Ministries Departments and Agencies, attended the one day symposium

The symposium which concluded with a Communique that serves as a blueprint for the development of a robust cybersecurity policy in Sierra Leone was organized in collaboration with the United Kingdom based cybersecurity outfit, EST Applied Intelligence. 

In an era dominated by digital technology, the management of the bank thought it vital to step into the arena with foresight and determination of securing cyberspace which has reached unprecedented heights. 

The symposium aimed to cultivate a profound understanding of cybersecurity and its far-reaching implications in today’s interconnected world.

The symposium enjoyed the distinguished presence of Dr. Ekundayo Walton, recently crowned African Banker of the Year and Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank.

In his opening address, Dr. Walton underscored the bank’s steadfast commitment to excellence, propelling it to successful competition with international counterparts and ultimately earning him the title of African Banker of the Year.

Mr. Buffy Bailor, Chairman of Rokel Bank’s Board of Directors, a distinguished guest, delivered an introduction and opening remarks, setting the stage for the symposium’s intellectually stimulating discussions.

The agenda included a series of panel discussions delving into various facets of cybersecurity. Experts engaged in lively debates covering topics such as the integration of cybersecurity into educational curricula, building cybersecurity capacity, and navigating the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape in financial services.

The symposium explored cybersecurity’s role as a catalyst for innovation and inclusion, emphasizing its potential to propel economic growth and societal progress. A comprehensive overview of Sierra Leone’s cybersecurity landscape was presented, shedding light on existing challenges and potential solutions.

RC Bank’s Cybersecurity Symposium stands as a testament to the institution’s proactive stance in addressing emerging risks and its dedication to cultivating a secure digital world.

By fostering dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, the symposium set unparalleled standards for cybersecurity awareness and preparedness in the nation.

The event marked a significant stride towards constructing a more resilient and secure cyberspace, empowering individuals, businesses, and nations to thrive in the digital age.


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