Commercial motorbike riders vow to invest

President BRU, seated from the immediate left of Amadu Sesay Director of Triad Company

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

President of the Sierra Leone Commercial Motor Bike Riders Union, Umaru Talie Bah, has assured the management of the Triad Engineering Company that members of his union will buy shares and invest in Triad Investment Scheme because the company is trustworthy.

Bah was speaking during the launch of the Bike Riders Investment Scheme organized by Triad Engineering Company LTD on November 12, 2022, at the John James Hall on Jenifer Wrights Street, Freetown.

The BRU President said the union accounts for over 50% of the youth populace in Sierra Leone, maintaining that with over 1,256,000 (one million two hundred and fifty six thousand) registered riders, the union functions as the biggest source of employment in the country.

He said aside from serving as breadwinners; commercial bike riders also serve as source of income for car washers as well as fitters. He therefore assured that bike riders will buy shares and invest in Triad Scheme.

President Bah allayed  the fears of his constituents, some of whom have been once or twice faced deceit by similar business, noting that unlike the other organizations like wealth builders and lift above poverty that were owned by foreigners, Triad is 100% home-based. He said with support and representatives from banks and the ministry of lands, he was convinced that Triad is a force to reckon with.

Alhaji Amadu Sesay, Operations and Managing Director of the Triad Engineering Company SL Ltd, said the activities of the company included but not limited to housing construction, borehole drilling, mortgaging, solar installation, maintenance, real estate and rental properties and real estate investment trust. He noted that on the mortgaging aspect, the company caters for land owners, non-land owners and those with unfinished building.

“We offer flexible housing mortgage scheme with payment plan that span between 1-30 years. Our motto is affordable homes for the people and our vision is to have a safe and healthy home for everyone,” he said.

He said the company can purchase land and build a house, a build a house for land owners and complete unfinished building with client depositing just of 30% of the total value of the property.

Director Sesay said the prices of 2 bedrooms to 4 bed rooms’ self-contained houses vary based on high end, middle end and low end materials ranges from NLe 280,000 to NLe 405,600.

“To open and investment slot with us, secure a slot from  at NLe 50 from various bank outlets or at Triad company Head office on 21 Bai Bureh Road, Freetown. With a 12 years lock up period, we offer investment unit for as low as NLe 100 per unit. A lock up period is the period when the investor will not have access to his or her invested money. While other investment scheme have 15 years and above lock up period, Triad has only 12 years lock up period after which, one can easily access his money,” he explained.

He said if an investor has 10 units and above, he or she can have voting rights in the company, adding that those with 20 units and above can be automatically qualify for board membership election.

Representatives from various banks in Sierra Leone assured the gathering, especially commercial bike riders of the trustworthiness of Triad. They also assure that in order to protect customers’ investment, their banks have singing performance bond between Triad and customers.

The event was climaxed by the official launch of the commercial bike riders’ investment scheme by Umaru Talie Bah, President, Sierra Leone Motto Bike Riders Union and performance by the bike riders’ union artists.


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