APC/Jagaban strong woman provides food support to party office


The Chairlady of the Jagaban Global Family, Haja Isatu Poto Kamara has provided food assistance to staff and grassroots members of the All People’s Congress (APC) headquarters in Freetown.  The food packages, presented earlier on March 1st  to the party Secretariat, were later distributed to APC members who work or regularly frequent the party’s headquarters.

Haja Isatu Kamara, a prominent supporter of Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Omodu Kamara, fondly called Jagaban recently arrived from the United States to interact and provide cash, food and other essentials to the Jagaban support groups, security marshals and ordinary grassroots supporters of the APC party. The erudite businesswoman who has consistently identified herself with the sufferings of APC grassroots supporters said she hoped the gesture would help to ease the economic burden of party supporters in these very difficult times.

“As I move around, I see a lot of suffering and it is only proper that we reach out to our compatriots in our own little ways…they need us now morethan ever before. I therefore join those who have done similar gestures before to encourage more comrades in the diaspora to come down and help our suffering people….”

Haja Poto Kamara emphasized the need for politicians to always prioritize the welfare of people around them as this could sever as a lithmust test to their leadership credentials. To this, end she singled out Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Omodu Kamara whom she described as an empathetic and transformative leader that  always looks after his supporters.

“I have provided food for the party Secretariat on a daily basis in the past and I am going to continue doing that every month….it was through the APC party that I was able to secure a scholarship to study in Russia and I am therefore giving back to a party that made me who I am today.” She said.

Haja Isatu Poto Kamara has hinted plans to soon reach out to the APC women folk with similar gestures.


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