Renaissance Movement commends Parliament’s decision to halt proposed toll fee increment


By AlhajiHaruna Sani

The Renaissance Movement has in a press release issued on February 29th expressed gratitude for the Sierra Leone Parliament’s decision to suspend the proposed changes to toll gate tariffs.

According to the Movement, the decisive move is seen as a commitment to inclusive governance and a genuine concern for the citizens’ well-being.

The Renaissance Movement, which re-emerged last week after being dormant since President Bio came to power in 2018,   until last week when they issued a press release urging President Bio to address economic issues and potential toll gate price increases. This marks the second press release from the movement that was notably vocal during the former regime.

The Renaissance Movement was formed on the platform of bringing together and enabling patriotic citizens of Sierra Leone to highlight issues affecting the people of Sierra Leone, problem-solve, and remove barriers in the way of our national development, happiness, and dignity, without fear of intimidation or victimization.

The resurfaced RM noted in their release that following a comprehensive examination and a preliminary hearing by the Committee of Works, a public consultation was organized by the esteemed Speaker of Parliament, Honorable Abass Bundu.

The four critical questions posed by the Speaker played a pivotal role in shaping the deliberations, ensuring a thorough examination of the proposed changes’ merits. The legislation to modify toll gate fees was presented in parliament and assigned to the Committee on Works for further consideration.

“We are pleased with Parliament’s decision to suspend the proposed changes to toll gate tariffs,” stated Mahmoud Koroma, Chair of the Renaissance Movement. “This demonstrates a willingness to engage with the concerns of the public and carefully consider the potential impact of such amendments, particularly given the current economic climate in our country.”

The Renaissance Movement expressed gratitude to Honorable Silikie, Chair of the Committee on Works, for his leadership throughout the public hearing process.

The Committee’s proactive efforts in addressing and incorporating submissions and concerns were also acknowledged. “We commend all parliamentarians for standing in solidarity with the people of Sierra Leone on this critical matter,” continued the Movement’s Chair. “Their dedication to representing the interests of their constituents is commendable, and we look forward to continued collaboration in addressing issues that affect our nation.”

The Renaissance Movement recognized the significant investments made by CRSG in Sierra Leone and called upon them to maintain transparency and openness as all stakeholders work towards a mutually beneficial resolution.

  As advocates for the people, the Movement reaffirms its commitment to engaging with stakeholders in the people’s interest.

The Movement promised to continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of Sierra Leoneans are heard and considered in decision-making processes.


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