Alleged illegal faction of Tabital Pulaaku arraign for contempt of court


On Friday 28th July 2023 Alhaji Mohamed Sarjoh Jalloh, the Western Area Fullah Tribal Head (commonly known as MED SAJ), Abdul Razak Bah and Abdulai Barrie, allegedly  illegally masquerading as the ringleaders  of Tabital Pulaaku International Sierra Leone Chapter (a not for profit Fullah organisation) were arraigned before Justice Adrian Fisher after a warrant of arrest had been issued against them, to show cause why they should not be sent prison for contempt of Court for what is alleged that they deliberately disobeying the High Court of Sierra Leone by taking active and deliberate steps, to organise, hold and or actively pursue, continue and or seek to carry on a planned event at the Freetown City Council City Hall on 23rd July 2023, notwithstanding the grant of the Orders of the Court of 22nd July 2023 restraining the Defendants whether by themselves, their servants, agents, privies or howsoever otherwise called from in any way whatsoever acting, holding themselves out and or representing or presenting themselves as having authority to act in any capacity whatsoever for or as the national chapter of Tabital Pulaaku International in Sierra Leone and the personal service thereof; the nature of which event amounts had been injuncted by the Court claiming the Order of Court was fake.

From the court papers, the  contemnor  acted in collaboration and collusion with foreign nationals to disregard the order of court.

The said contemnors invited the said foreign nationals Awwal Gonga, Asmaou Barrie, Yayah Kadri and Dr. Abu Bakarr Gerei to hold a certain coronation event in respect of Tabital Pulaaku SL, even though they were informed and warned not to undertake the said event.

After the event was aborted at the Freetown City Council’s new hall, they proceeded to a residence at Imatt despite being told not to do so by the Sierra Leone Police.

Lawyers for the Plaintiff– Tabital Pulaaku International SL Chapter argue that their client is registered at the Cooperate Affairs Commission and with Freetown City Counsel as far back as 2020.

They also argue that their client Tabital Pulaaku International SL Chapter has been helping indigent Sierra Leoneans and Fullahs in main spheres of life and constitute one of the national associations making u the federation coming together to have the grand body Tabital Pulaaku International.

However, Secretary General of Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone chapter, said  they are like organisations such as the Fullah Progressive Union (FPU), the Fullah Tribal Authority, Gandalfoli and a host of other Fullah organisations committed to improving the welfare of Fullahs and others in Sierra Leone. He reaffirmed they respect for all these bodies, always seeking cooperation to assure peace, progress and prosperity for all.

The Contemnors  claimed that it is the Fullah Tribal Authority that appointed the President of TPI SL. Lawyers for the Plaintiff in their papers say that this is not so  and has never been the case and that no such authority is vested in the Fullah Tribal Authority either by law or practice. The Plaintiff’s case against the Contemnors is that they have set up an unlawful and illegal parallel entity called Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone Chapter and sought to impose themselves, notwithstanding the validity of the documents and their existence; then hoodwinking MED SAJ into misstating facts that he firstly appointed the head of Tabital Pulaaku in Sierra Leone but has now revoked the appointment.

Investigations by this press confirm that it is because of the increasing popularity of the legitimate Tabital Pulaaku SL Chapter that the Defendants Contemnors are illegally using the Fullah Tribal Authority and Fullah Progressive Union to upset the growth and popularity of Tabital Pulaaku SL Chapter in the process causing chaos and occasioning disunity within the Fullah Community in Sierra Leone.

The papers that we have seen state quite clearly that the Horeejor the President of Tabital Pulaaku International and Secretary General did not give their blessings to the actions of MED SAJ, Razak Bah, Abdulai Barrie and the Contemnors nor do they recognize the parallel entity that the Contemnors have set up in Sierra Leone.

Documents before the Court confirm clearly that the authorities in Sierra Leone have always recognise Tabital Pulaaku International SL Chapter as the legitimate entity to use, carry the name and operate in Sierra Leone.

The Defendants Contemnors now have to answer to the charge of contempt and the absence of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Contemnors who it is believed secretly fled out of Sierra Leone after being tipped off about the existence of the warrant by some officials to justify.

The case is adjourned to 14th August 2023 for the Contemnors to show reason why they should not be sent to Pademba Road Maximum prison for their contemptuous conduct.


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